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Woodland House

With its thoughtful design elements and brightly coloured exterior, it is set to become one of Woodstock’s sexiest lifestyle buildings yet.  This precinct of Woodstock has high growth potential and continues to becoming more desirable to international and local craftsman and business people.

Woodland House is looking for distinctive tenants that can add to the overall vision of this dashing space.
We are in search of the following makers: Restaurateurs, florists, local craftsman and designers as well as office businesses that are looking for space with soul.


  • Easy access from the highway
  • Location in a ever growing node of Woodstock
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Communal Chill/ Leisure Space
  • Fibre Internet
  • Simple, Private Kitchenettes

For more information on units available please contact lwagener@daleglen.co.za or call us on 021-424-1210#daleglen #loveyourspace #woodlandhouse


UNITSIZE (m²)Rental (Ex VAT)OPS CostAvailability
00285 m²R 8 075.00R 1142.00Immediate


UNITSIZE (m²)Rental (Ex VAT)OPS CostAvailability
003117 m²R 11 115.00R 2 090.00Immediate
00428 m²R 3 080.00R 462.00Immediate


UNITSIZE (m²)Rental (Ex VAT)OPS CostAvailability
00998 m²R 9 310.00R 1 274.00Immediate
01270 m²R 8 732.00R 1 043.00Immediate
012A67 m²R 6 365.00R 900.00Immediate


UNITSIZE (m²)Rental (Ex VAT)OPS CostAvailability
018108 m²R 10 260.00R 1 307.00Immediate
020211 m²R 20 450.00R 2 954.00Immediate
024230 m²R 21 850.00R 3 220.001 FEBRUARY 2022


UNITSIZE (m²)Rental (Ex VAT)OPS CostAvailability
A0628 m²R 3 080.00R 470.001 January 2022
A0962 m²R 6 510.00R 833.00Immediate
A10197 mR 18 715.00R 2 955.00Immediate
A1149 m²R 4 655.00R 735.00Immediate


UNITSIZE (m²)Rental (Ex VAT)OPS CostAvailability
Storeroom 225 m²R 1 500.00n/aImmediate

Please tell us more about your rental requirements for your business:

Commercial Interest Form
Provide a range if possible
It can assist us in advising you which spaces are better suited to you.