Hangar 17 | 17th Ave in Maitland | Daleglen Property Group

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17th Avenue in Maitland is a district formerly part of the African Air Transport back in 1929 and is now under the wing of Daleglen Property Group.

The Hangar17 name was inspired by the historical background of the former Maitland Aerodrome, originally used as a civilian airfield. The Hangar17 logo pays tribute to the original makers and is in the process of being transformed into a modern industrial development.

Hangar 17 is due to be completed early this year – The complex boasts a wide variety of units available to manufacturing and warehousing tenants.

Ample parking – Roller Shutter Doors- 24 hour security - CCTV – Ground and Upper Floor spaces available- working on fibre options

Parking available at R250.00 per bay


Ground Floor

1697m²R 34 850R 4 879AVAILABLE TO BE LET
2100m²R 6 500R 700AVAILABLE TO BE LET
399m²R 6 435R 693AVAILABLE TO BE LET
4100m²R 6 500R 700AVAILABLE TO BE LET
5356m²R 20 648R 2 492AVAILABLE TO BE LET
662m²R 4 030R 434LET
7100m²R 6 500R 700AVAILABLE TO BE LET
8100m²R 6 500R 700AVAILABLE TO BE LET
967m²R 4 355R 469AVAILABLE TO BE LET
1066m²R 4 290R 462AVAILABLE TO BE LET
11146m²R 9 052R 1 022AVAILABLE TO BE LET
12194m²R 12 028R 1 358AVAILABLE TO BE LET
13202m²R 12 524R 1 414AVAILABLE TO BE LET
1459m²R 3 835R 413AVAILABLE TO BE LET
151053m²R 52 650R 7 371AVAILABLE TO BE LET
1650m²R 3 500R 350AVAILABLE TO BE LET
17228m²R 14 136R 1 596AVAILABLE TO BE LET
18423m²R 24 534R 2 961LET
19257m²R 15 934R 1 799AVAILABLE TO BE LET
20114m²R 7 410R 798AVAILABLE TO BE LET
2171m²R 4 615R 497AVAILABLE TO BE LET



First Floor

2265m²R 2 925R 455AVAILABLE TO BE LET
23379m²R 15 160R 2 653AVAILABLE TO BE LET
24100m²R 4 500R 700AVAILABLE TO BE LET
25247m²R 9 880R R 1 729AVAILABLE TO BE LET
26179m²R 8 055R 1 253AVAILABLE TO BE LET
27101m²R 4 545R 707AVAILABLE TO BE LET